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Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, CA

Food Processing

DC Engineering serves a wide variety of clients with many different needs in the food processing arena. Projects range from designing relatively simple upgrades to mechanical or control systems to providing in-depth planning and coordination with owners, utilities and other business partners on major greenfield projects.

Through the multitude of projects with our food processing clients, DC Engineering personnel have deepened their understanding of our client’s operations and refined their technical expertise in order to execute on the complex projects that are common to this market.  Our multi-disciplinary work includes both front end consulting and design services, as well as ongoing support during project implementation and through continuing operations. 


Highlighted Capabilities:

  • Capacity planning and design of water, power, air, gases, CIP, structural, and other infrastructure to meet the process needs of the facility.
  • Engineering solutions for greenfield sites as well as facility additions and modifications.
  • Energy studies and modeling, harmonic mitigation evaluation, and other operational and maintenance assessments to meet the client’s ever changing requirements for reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Ongoing plant facilities engineering support.
  • Controls programming and integration support.