Enriching the lives of people through engineering: a simple, powerful foundation

From its inception, DC Engineering has sought to use our skills and resources to enrich the lives of the people around us – our employees, our clients, our business partners, and those in our communities. That premise is the bedrock of our culture, and why we exist. It is the lens through which we make decisions every day.

This simple approach to doing business has drawn many highly talented and like-minded people to join us. This approach also fosters a powerful business climate of collaboration and trust. And ultimately, it enables us to fulfill our vision of contributing to the success of our clients. Learn more about DC Engineering’s Approach to Business.


Broad technical expertise

DC Engineering is comprised of a diverse and skilled group of people who have joined together to offer a unique set of services. We have a breadth of disciplines and a level of technical skill typically found only in larger firms. Our size allows us to be flexible in our approach to managing the nuances and dynamics of any given project. We listen carefully to our clients, and bring our expertise and practical experience to bear with the goal of providing the right solution, both for project at hand, as well as for the long term success of the client.

Our Disciplines

Industry leadership - practical, innovative solutions

Contributing to the ongoing success of our clients means keeping abreast of industry developments as well as understanding the client’s internal dynamics, in order to deliver long term and sustainable solutions.

DC’s teams serving the retail, industrial, commercial markets are not only informed on external factors affecting clients, but in many cases are on the forefront of industry developments, namely in the R&D and regulatory arenas. We have long-standing partnerships with many people in our markets, working with them to develop and apply engineering principles and technologies in new and creative ways. We also have substantial number of employees with operational and field expertise, providing valuable and practical insight into the overall project lifecycle.

Our Markets