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The Internet is a computing platform built on top of core technology.
Applied technology is what gets built on top of that…


Fred Wilson  

Applied Technology

Applied Technology Department Purpose
Enhance overall Client Solutions by participating in teams/projects representing the technology components – Platform Engineering, Network Engineering, Software Engineering and Operations Management.

Collaborating with clients to apply high technology for dynamic results

Applied Technology leverages Information Technology to provide effective and efficient answers for technical difficulties. High technology is used to augment or create solutions, usually in conjunction with the other disciplines. Four sub-disciplines comprise the Applied Technology department: 

  • The Platform Engineering sub-discipline is focused on hardware development, implementation, optimization, and maintenence. 
  • The Network Engineering area of Applied technology focuses upon secure and stable electronic interconnection of devices, including corporate and industrial networks, through LAN, WAN, and cloud. 
  • Software Engineering analyzes, architects, programs, and implements the software aspect of Applied Technologies' solutions. 
  • Operations Management represents the business end of Applied Technology. Operations Management shepherds the processes of service delivery, logistics, customer support, and system operations.


Applied Technology Department Services

  • Hardware selection, development, and configuration
  • Standard Image based deployment
  • Custom Scripting/Automation
  • Driver and vendor updates
  • Performance Testing
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Corporate, Industrial, and Retail environments
  • Private networking (RFC 1918 & RFC 4193)
  • Secured networking (Isolated Networking, Secured communications, Firewalls, VPN, vLAN, encryption)
  • Network architecture and planning (Firewalls, Routing, VPN, fault tolerance)
  • Analysis and troubleshooting
  • Provide project management 
  • Facilitate client interaction
  • Logistics and asset management
  • Administrate operations and maintence
  • Ongoing solution support