Investing in people and relationships is foundational to success

DC Engineering’s vision & mission is to contribute to the success of our clients by defining, refining, and implementing solutions.

The reason that DC Engineering exists is to enrich the lives of people through engineering. That is why we are in business. We understand that investing in, and empowering our colleagues is essential to fulfilling our vision to contribute to our clients’ success. That foundation anchors our culture and our approach business, and is the basis of our core operating principles.


Operating principles that reflect our approach to business


Our Approach

  • Established relationships are foundational to success.

    At its core, DC has been built on relationships. When relationships are prioritized, people and projects will flourish. Solid relationships are built upon trust, and pave the way for fluid communication and an understanding of the task at hand. Ultimately, relationships lead to collaborative efforts to explore and develop sound, innovative solutions.

  • Fostering collaboration maximizes value.

    As a multi-disciplinary firm, we rely upon the expertise and experiences of our team members to bring their talents to bear on any given project. We embrace open communication and understanding, which enables us to maximize our value to clients. We listen intently, ask the penetrating questions, and work hand-in-hand with colleagues and partners to deliver cost effective, long term solutions.

  • Continuous learning leads to impactful advancements.

    Engineering is changing our world. DC Engineering is made up of people who understand this, and who are passionate about continually learning for the betterment of our clients and our communities. We highly value and embrace open communication and shared understanding, which enables us to maximize our value to clients. Many of our employees have long-standing partnerships with people throughout the country, working to develop and apply engineering principles and technologies in new and creative ways.

  • Diverse areas of expertise lead to unique solutions.

    DC Engineering attracts highly talented people who are unified by our unique culture of prioritizing people and relationships as the means to creating value for clients. Our individual expertise enables us to be competent in a wide variety of fields. Our competence in diverse areas has also led us to work in areas that traditional consulting engineering firms typically do not operate, and gives us the ability to offer unique solutions for our clients.


Beyond traditional engineering to sound, long-term solutions

Our focus on the success of our clients has led us to develop skill sets in areas that go beyond traditional design engineering. We have the breadth of disciplines and the expertise typically found in larger firms, yet our size and depth of expertise, coupled with our approach to business, enables us to effectively manage the nuances and quickly respond to the evolving dynamics of any given project.

"We don’t fit the mold of a typical engineering company; we’re charting our own course to do engineering in a way that really fits what the client needs." - a DC colleague

We listen carefully to our clients, and bring our practical experience to bear with the goal of providing the right solution, for both the immediate project at hand, as well as for the long term success of the client.