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Taking the long view on multi-disciplined complex projects

Dave Cutbirth is the founder and President of DC Engineering, and Market Segment Lead for DC Engineering’s Industrial Market group.

DC Engineering’s Industrial Market Teams work across an array of applications – from those requiring precision environmental controls and high reliability, to large scale production operations that are constantly balancing performance, cost, capacity, and maintenance considerations.

In addition to our depth and breadth of experience, we bring the fundamental value of an ongoing commitment to each of our clients. In the industrial sector, this means seeking to understand the client’s operational and business processes with an eye towards the overall goals of their organization. Over time, as we execute on projects, we build upon those relationships and collaborate to provide tailored consulting and engineering solutions that contribute to the company’s long term success.

We have helped numerous facilities increase the ongoing reliability and efficiency of their systems through control and electrical system design upgrades and retrofits. Our teams have guided organizations towards efficiency gains resulting in millions of dollars in utility rebates over the years, not to mention the positive environmental impacts that go beyond the financial benefit. And, we continue to provide engineering services in support of continuing operations and expansion initiatives for many of our clients.


DC Engineering’s Industrial Teams serve clients in the following areas:

  • Water /Waste Water
  • Manufacturing
    • High-Tech
    • Data Centers
  • Food Processing
  • Power Generation/Geothermal
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electric Utility
  • Mining
  • Distribution Facilities



Our Disciplines

DC Engineering has been involved in many of our most important and complex projects over the years from design through full operational startup. They take the time to fully understand a project and listen to and address the needs of all stakeholders. We have complete confidence in their expertise and experience to provide the right solution for us.


Laurelei McVey Deputy Director of Utility Operations, City of Meridian, ID