Thanks again for bearing with me through this project schedule. As I mentioned, it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing DC Engineering team. I’m always relieved when you’re with me in the trenches!


Jaime Shen ReidAssociate, Field Paoli Architects

Specialty Services

Specialty Services' Purpose
To increasingly become a valuable resource and trusted partner to our clients, and to continue providing practical industry leadership in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, and reduced environmental impact.

As consultants, we approach our work in in light of the client’s financial, operational, maintenance, environmental, and compliance related goals. DC Engineering’s Specialty Services are a natural outgrowth of these client goals as we strive towards contributing to their long term success in more meaningful and value added ways.

The core of DC’s Specialty Services offerings is our holistic understanding of the systems and processes involved in keeping perishable goods cool, and to do so in a way that is tailored to the client’s business goals. To that end, we have highly talented personnel that specialize in refrigeration, energy services, commissioning, as well as other complementary services. These teams are on the forefront of designing and implementing industry leading solutions that are meeting today’s challenge to be increasingly efficient, maintainable, and environmentally friendly.


DC Engineering’s Refrigeration team is an industry leader in refrigeration design, management, and compliance related services. Many of our more experienced engineering staff have worked for large retailers with refrigeration facilities, and have extensive experience in all aspects of engineering, operations, and facilities management in the refrigeration arena. DC's refrigeration group provides a full range of project services, from tailored design and equipment selection, to controls development and programming, to assistance with compliance via refrigerant tracking systems.

Our extensive knowledge in the commercial refrigeration space has also led to meaningful partnerships to further the development and adoption of natural refrigerants, as well as help to champion other advancements in the industry. Read about some of our more prominent industry related efforts.

Energy Services

Our Energy Services Group coordinates with DC Engineering’s Mechanical, Electrical, Refrigeration, Controls, and Applied Technology teams to establish a comprehensive and cost effective Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs). The team provides a full suite of Design Services, Energy Audits, Energy Modeling, and Measurement and Verification (M&V) plans to ensure successful project implementation and maximize project ROI. Additionally, we often partner with our Commissioning team to ensure effective execution of projects, and provide verification through Functional Performance Testing (FPT).

The energy services arena is constantly evolving. Our team members, along with many industry partners, are keeping abreast of these dynamics, and help our clients navigate through the resulting business and regulatory changes. We are a recognized leader in deployment of new energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies, helping clients to stay ahead of tightening regulation. We also regularly coordinate with Utilities to take advantage of potential rebates and incentives, which are passed on to the clients.


Commissioning (Cx) is a highly valuable aspect of a project rollout, but often overlooked. Commissioning services provide an independent assessment of whether a project’s installation and functional operation are consistent with construction documents and design intent. DC Engineering has a team of engineers and Cx agents with extensive field experience who review the building, HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting system design and then tailor the commissioning process, schedule, and forms to the specific building and operational systems.

Our teams provide both new and retro-commissioning of existing buildings and systems. We are actively involved in ASHRAE, USGBC, and the Building Commissioning Association, and many of the projects that we have worked on have achieved LEED© ratings through efficient and environmentally friendly designs.