History of DC Engineering

DC Engineering was founded by David Cutbirth in 1998. While working for a large engineering firm, he saw that most of his design work was being done without context of the client’s bigger picture purposes and goals. He realized that a deeper level of understanding and stronger relationships with various project stakeholders would mean he could truly help contribute to a client’s long term success – not just complete a project.

This insight led to the founding of DC Engineering. From the beginning, David provided his design services with a ‘seek first to understand’ mentality. This approach resulted in good solid design, and led to clients trusting him with larger and more complex projects as he further established relationships with them and other business partners. With that simple practice in place and successful projects being completed, the company began drawing talented individuals, who likewise saw the value in prioritizing people and relationships.

Today, DC Engineering continues to attract highly talented people with complimentary skill sets across many engineering disciplines. Project execution and focus on client success has led to many longstanding relationships with both large & small clients. Collaborative efforts with industry partners have led to many nationally recognized and environmentally sustainable initiatives. And, we are actively involved in our communities, living out the fact that engineering is changing our world for the better, one project at a time.

Oct 1998

DC Engineering founded
David Cutbirth begins providing electrical design services for hi-tech clients
Project Image

Oct 1999

High Tech sector work grows substantially
Jon Goranson joins as DC's first hire to the firm


Dedicated teams for retail and commercial sectors established
John Clausen joins to lead electrical teams in the retail sector


Groundbreaking on 440 Building
Project Image
Jon Goranson (L), David Cutbirth (R) in 2003


Mechanical and Refrigeration teams established
Tom Wolgamot joins; leads refrigeration & retail market teams. Jared Miller leads mechanical teams for commercial, industrial sectors.
Missoula, MT and Portland, OR offices open
Project Image

Missoula team 2005


Commissioning and Industrial Controls teams established


Twin Falls, ID Office opens

DC designs the first all-LED supermarket in the US

Project Image
Star Market, Chestnut Hill, MA


Partnership with NearLo Technologies

NearLo, led by Brian Howard, partners with DC to provide internal IT and technologies design for clients.


Dallas office opens
Project Image


Structural and Energy Services teams established


DC provides electrical design on the first Ammonia system in a US supermarket

San Diego office opens


520 Building Completed
Project Image

DC designs the first CO2/Propane based natural refrigeration system in North America


UL 508A Control Panel Shop opens
Project Image
Madison, WI & Coeur d’Alene, ID offices open