Dynamic Solutions for Grocery Chains 

The grocery market is an extremely dynamic and competitive arena. The companies that survive in this space must have a distinct position in the market, and be able to execute on strategies to maintain that position. 

DC Engineering helps our clients in the grocery market achieve their goals through our engineering and consulting services, many of which involve enabling companies to build and operate their stores in the most cost effective manner possible. DC Engineering has developed long-standing partnership with these grocery chains, providing a host of unique engineering and technology based solutions that help the company realize operational, energy and maintenance efficiencies. 

Additionally, DC personnel understands environmental and state-specific compliance factors. That understanding has helped to ensure that store build-outs in new markets are designed to address those various factors, and to provide a blueprint for success.


Grocery Market Capabilities

  • Construction Document design: DC Engineering provides construction documents for a myriad of grocery clients, from local boutique grocery stores to large national chains. DC’s expertise includes all engineering disciplines within the building framework and is tailored to the clients requirements, whether site specific or as part of a nationwide program. DC Engineering personnel work directly with Owners and Architects in traditional bid-build projects, as well as with General Contractors on design-build and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) projects.

  • Criteria-based design:  DC has developed extensive criteria sets for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration design that are used for new store build-outs. A criteria-based approach is a cost effective way to ensure a consistent approach to store planning and design, while allowing for design modifications to be readily incorporated into any given plan. This approach provides our clients with a set of plans for each store that are customized for environmental, regulatory, and other jurisdictional factors, while meeting the client’s operational, maintenance, and quality standards.

  • Refrigerant Tracking System (RTS): DC Engineering has created a customized Refrigerant Tracking System for one of our largest clients that has been in use for many years. This cloud based tool helps ensures compliance with federal, state, and local refrigerant regulations, and provides real time insight into each store’s system performance, as well as the timing and quality of the contractor’s work on those systems. DC also provides compliance support, reviewing invoices and entries in the RTS and preparing regulatory reports. 

  • Bridging Information Technology and Operations:  In many instances, there exists significant misunderstanding between the methods and directives of Operations and the policies and procedures of Information Technology. Partnering with NearLo Technologies, DC Engineering helps clients identify technical and logistical challenges, specifically those involving Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and new construction. Additionally, through a coordinated effort with the clients' Operations and IT teams, NearLo will then devise systems and methodologies to surmount those challenges. 

  • Programming & Systems Integration:  DC designs and programs the refrigeration and building management systems for stores. This service has evolved from providing a standard CPC-based design to a fully customizable programmable logic controller (PLC), enabling custom design sequences and flexibility in sourcing equipment for these systems. DC personnel then sets up the control network, validate program installation and the HMI, and trains store operators on the web interface, and provides on-site consultation through the start-up and into the commissioning phase. 

  • Commissioning:  DC provides an independent review of the installation and operational aspects of store refrigeration and building energy management systems to ensure optimal system performance. We have also worked with clients to develop, and continue to maintain their prefunctional checklists and functional testing forms which meet code requirements for commissioning.

  • Owner furnished Equipment Support: DC has extensive experience working with electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration equipment manufacturers and vendors. This expertise enables us to effectively specify and assist in the construction phases of such equipment on store buildouts and remodel projects.